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It's time to grab your clubs, hit the fairways and knock in holes-in-ones! The team at Full Fat, maker of NFL Kicker 13 has created yet another exciting sports game titled, Flick Golf! It's simple to play and a lot of fun. Walkthrough the helpful tutorial which will guide you on how to play the game. Perfect your shot at the driving range. You'll have plenty of courses to play through and have the opportunity to unlock new ones as you progress through the game. The courses start off easy and gradually get harder, stay focused. It's time to golf with a swipe of your finger on your smart device. Set up your shot by first adjusting the direction, angle and screen position with your fingers. Pay attention to the strength of the wind and its direction before taking your shot. Remember: the longer the flick, the further the hit. Once the ball takes flight, swipe in the air the direction you want the ball to go to control it's trajectory path towards the hole. In quickplay it's a race against the clock and your goal is to hit is many holes in ones and incredible shots close the the cup as you can. There is a points zone with 4 high point areas around the hole that looks like a target. The closer to the the hole you are on your shot the more points you earn. Holes in one will give you 10 seconds added to your time! Get your shot into the red area closest to the hole and receive 3 seconds added to your time.

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