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Annoyed at your boss and feel the need to take some stress out? Game Hive Corp. has crafted up the second installment to their popular game Kick The Boss, now giving us Kick The Boss 2! It's packed with the same fun as before just revamped with new additions and a lot more fun. Your objective is to kick the crap out of the boss taunting you on the screen. You'll have plenty of tools to use to get the job done. To use an item simply select it from the inventory and then swipe your finger or hold your finger on the boss to hit him, it's that simple. If you hold your finger on him your weapon will repeatedly beat him up. You'll earn coins and diamonds as you progress through the game and put a wooping on your boss. You can even touch the screen on the boss and drag him around tossing him into objects around the room like the speakers and trash can. If the boss gets knocked unconscious you can revive him with a heart or wait until he awakens on his own. The list of weapons, items and upgrades is impressive, the list goes on and on. A number of weapons can only be used once you gain a level 6 experience which allows you to get into the workshop. At higher levels you'll receive weapon parts during gameplay that you can use to assemble premium weapons. Occasionally you'll find the boss talking to himself and ranting gibberish, it's quite funny. A funny addition in the playground level is a flying hamster that helicopters by and drops a load of poo on your despised management. As you progress through the game you'll earn more experience and thus level up you class reputation. This enables you to unlock and purchase advanced weaponry, new locations and more. You will acquire special parts during gameplay that will be used to assemble awesome weapons in your workshop.

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