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Digital Legeneds has teamed up with Zynga to bring out an awesome third person shooter titled Respawnables! The graphics are exceptional and fun, helping create a unique environment for deathmatch styled war play. You'll enter the playing field as a noob fresh from the academy whose ready to take on the action! Your objective is simple, take out all of the enemies in a deathmatch style game. It's a timed deathmatch style game so take out enemies quickly. You'll complete missions to earn XP to level up and cash to buy upgrades. Move your character with the yellow circle located under your left thumb. Look around the screen with the button under your right thumb, which is the firing button. Press down the firing button under your right thumb to shoot your weapon. Play offline or online against enemies! Missions are similar to achievements, they are objectives for you to complete and earn more points after doing so. This will aid you in leveling up and give you something to work towards. Throughout gameplay you'll earn more and more experience that will not only allow you to level up your character but unlock new upgrades! You'll earn match rewards after each mission; earning cash, experience and scoring points. All of this will help you craft an individualized character for gameplay. Upgrades and customizations are plentiful in this app, you'll have lots of fun decking out your character to your personal liking. All upgrades are unlocked progressively as you reach new levels and gain experience. Once unlock you'll be able to purchase them to add to your arsenal. Not only can you buy new weapons, you can customize your body and outfit, picking what threads will be best for the demolition job on the playing field. Each upgrade has it's own unique specs, be it more agility, health, damage etc. for your player

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