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If you're a fan of the hit TV series on AMC and/or just like zombies then you'll love Telltale's impressive app Walking Dead: The Game. The interactive gameplay and awesome graphics makes this a must play. The game starts with an interactive cinematic series that allows you, Lee, the prisoner to choose one from a set of four possible answers as you talk to the policeman driving the car. You can also look around the inside of the car and out of the windows. Shortly after, you'll get a front row seat (in the back) to your car spinning out of control and smashing into the forest which leads you to start the gameplay and view for the first time, The Walking Dead! Touch and hold your finger on the screen to make Lee walk around and check out objects and items. When you see small white circles touch them to interact with the environment and progress through the gameplay. The interactiveness continues throughout the game giving it a very unique draw in your journey. No one choice is wrong, they will only make your adventure different! Along the way you will meet other survivors that will help combat the zombies!

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