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It's time to put your big boy pants on, grab your weaponry and lead your army to victory over the enemy! Supercell has created an amazing app titled Clash Of Clans! It's a role playing, empire building, base defensive thriller that will keep you busy for hours. You are the new chief of the village and it's your job to set up defense to protect everyone from the enemies! You'll receive help from others to help destroy the enemy. Your other main objective is to build up a thriving village for your people. As you construct buildings and create your empire you'll level up. All things that you build take time to finish, if you want to speed up the process, simply use your green gems. Construct a barracks to create an army and then train them to fight the enemy. Tap the screen multiple times to deploy multiple troops to attack the enemy in their village. After defeating the enemy village you'll plunder and loot their supplies to gain items such as gold and elixir. As you level up you'll get the chance to train different types of troops such as wizards and giants! Upgrading will allow you to not only construct more but hold more resources. Because the village is on a "Ley Line" artillery will repair themselves over time. Complete achievements and gain rewards that will aid you in your quest for victory!

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