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The classic franchise of The Ghostbusters has been brought to your mobile devices via the team at Beeline Interactive! It's an in-depth, impressive game with tons of playing hours, comic relief and easy to use controls. As part of the Ghostbusters team your job is to save your city from the creepy ghosts and paranormal creatures reeking havoc on citizens. When your on the city screen, scroll around to find "busts" (calls) to earn quick cash and capture ghosts. When you land a bust, gameplay is easy, first you'll want to move your character of choice towards the enemy. Each character has a unique weapon and/or item that they use during gameplay. Next simply touch and drag finger from your Ghostbuster towards the ghost and start the process. Two or more of your characters are able to defeat ghosts and one character is a healer. Make sure that your defensive characters don't lose there health. Once the enemy is defeated capture it in the ghost trap! Then collect your reward and drive back to headquarters. Characters will will level up with battle experience, allowing them to be stronger and upgrade their items / abilities. After your successful capture of floating entities you'll claim a reward for a job well done! Use this cash to upgrade your characters so they're better prepared for future fights! There are four levels in the headquarters, each with a unique use. The Library: (floor 3) Ghost and Tech research! This research will give you upgrades and unlock useful items to be purchased! Sleeping Quarters: (floor 2) Sleep and rest after a long day of work! Garage and Secretary Desk: (floor 1) Janine takes down your daily job calls and updates you with news! The Basement: Ghost and paranormal holding chamber and Tobin's Spirit Guide Book! You'll find useful items such as scientist manuals and blueprints that will help you along the way.

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