Free Apps King - Clash Of Clans - Village Level 84

Free Apps King Clash Of Clans Village Level 84

I've been playing Clash Of Clans for quite some time now, slowly upgrading the village and it's defenses. Occasionally I like to share my progress and break down the specifications of the arsenal I have been creating. As of right now my base is at level 84 with a lot of great additions and upgrades. Clash Of Clans is one my favorite apps and I usually spend a few minutes a day checking in. My strategy solely revolves around defense and building it up. You might ask why I've left my Town Hall outside my walls? Simple, when someone attacks me and just destroys my town hall, I get a shield for many hours, they win a few trophies and my resources are normally left alone. It's a win win for both parties and I currently could careless about upping my trophy count. I also rarely attack other bases because frankly I just don't care to right now. That could change, because I've upgraded many of the troops to maximum levels. Enough rambling, let's check out the specs below!

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My Village Specifications:

Building: Specs:
Barracks: Level 10
Builders Hut: x4
Dark Barracks: Level 5
Clan Castle: Level 3
Town Hall: Level 10
Research Laboratory: Level 8
Spell Factory: Level 5
Defense: Specs:
Air Bombs: Level 3 (x4)
Air Defense: Level 5 (x4)
Archer Towers: Level 9 (x6)
Archer Queen: Level 12
Barbarian King: Upgrading to level 16
Bombs: Level 2 (x6)
Cannons: Level 10 (x6)
Giant Bombs: Level 1 (x5)
Hidden Tesla: Level 3 (x4)
Mortars: Level 6 (x3)
Seeking Air Mines: Level 1 (x5)
Spring Traps: (x6)
Walls: Level 7/8 (x250)
Wizard Towers: Level 5 (x4)
Offense: Specs:
Army Camp: Level 7 (x4)
Resources: Specs:
Dark Elixir Drill: Level 6 (x3)
Dark Elixir Storage: Level 6
Gold Mines: Level 11 (x7)
Gold Storage: Level 11 (x2)
Elixir Collector: Level 11 (x7)
Elixir Storage: Level 11 (x3)

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