Bike Rivals App

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Bike Rivals Free App Game By

If you're a fan of motocross games, then you're going to love the addictive gameplay of MiniClip's app Bike Rivals! Grab big air on jumps, race friends, boost over dangerous obstacles and enjoy crazy physics! You'll cruise through unique levels at a fast pace as you try to best your previous time to top the leaderboard! Challenge yourself and show your friends your racing skills, give it a go! If you're looking for a similar app, check out Bike Race!

Asphalt 7: Heat App

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Asphalt 7: Heat Free App Game By Gameloft

Ready your engine and put the pedal to the metal because it's racing time in Gameloft's addictive driver app Asphalt 7: Heat! Drive and select from over 60 cars through 15 different tracks around the world! 6 game modes gives you the freedom to choose how you want to race; either your friends or online opponents! Show us what you got and give it a go! Also, check out another fun app in this series: Asphalt Overdrive!

Jigsaw Puzzle App

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Jigsaw Puzzle Free App Game By Critical Hit Software LLC

Bored? Love puzzles? Check out Critical Hit Software's exciting Jigsaw Puzzle app! Choose an image from their gallery, determine the number of pieces you'd like to put together and have fun; it's that simple. It brings you the enjoyment of doing a puzzle without the mess!

Pentapuzzle App

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Pentapuzzle Free App Game By Skrubbeltrang & Platz Ltd

If you're looking for a fun, mental challenge, look no further then Skrubbeltrang & Platz' puzzle app Pentapuzzle! The smooth, flowing interaction between the user and the pieces makes this game effortless to play. The objective of the game is to turn, flip and fit multiple puzzle pieces together in a specific area. Get your problem solving skills ready!

Fit Brains Trainer App

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Fit Brains Trainer Free App Game By Vivity Labs

It's time to give your brain stimulation, dust off the cobwebs and work it out! Vivity Labs has created Fit Brains Trainer, the enjoyable and exciting app that helps keep your brain exercised! The innovative, adaptive learning system used determines the appropriate level of your brains skills when conducting each test! It's impressive and quite fun! © 2014. All images © their owners. Do not copy this site. Blogger Powered.