Beach Buggy Racing App

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Beach Buggy Racing Free App Game By Vector Unit

Start your engines and head down to the waterfront where you'll feel the sand between your toes and the ocean air breezing across your face in Vector Unit's addictive racer Beach Buggy Racing! It's an off-roading, kart racing adventure through 12 unique tracks! Your mission is to battle your way to the finish line against an exceptionally talented group of drivers. Gain powerups to help aid your success to first place. You can even customize your car and recruit drivers to join your squad! If this sounds like a race you want to be a part of, check it out!

Plunder Pirates App

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Plunder Pirates Icon Logo

Plunder Pirates Free App Game By Rovio Stars Ltd

Get ready to steal booty and ride through the open seas in Rovio Stars awesome village defense, city building app Plunder Pirates! It's a similar styled game to the mega-popular apps Clash Of Clans and Star Wars Commander! Your mission is to construct an awesome city on an island, train a fearsome crew of pirates, explore the seas in search of villages to raid and then battle your way to victory! The stylized characters and cartoony fun make it an adventure you don't want to miss.

Spider-Man Unlimited App

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Spider-Man Unlimited Icon Logo

Spider-Man Unlimited Free App Game By Gameloft

Swing into the pages of a comic book with Marvel's icon hero in Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft! Your mission is to save the world from the Sinister Six, an evil group of villains set to destroy our dimension and life as we know it! You'll encounter fierce battles as you make your way through unique environments set around Manhattan. The story modes encompass 25 missions per issue and are packed with action! As you play through you'll collect different types of Spider-Men, each one will help guide you to victory! This is a fun game for kids which takes you right into the pages of funny books which are always fun to read, check it out!

Race Team Manager App

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Race Team Manager Icon Logo

Race Team Manager Free App Game By Big Bit Ltd

Step into the world of racing as the new leader in the league and work your way up through the ranks. Compete against challenging drivers, win championships and drive down victory lane with Big Bit's addictive app Race Team Manager! You'll have to strategize game plans for each day on the track, upgrade the car to it's fullest potential and tweak it to get optimum power and handling! As you gain traction within the ranks you'll also need to reach out to sponsorship. It's a lot to take on, but if you're up to the challenge show'em what you got!

Super Monkey Ball Bounce App

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Super Monkey Ball Bounce Free App Game By SEGA

Another puzzling adventure has come to the online gaming world by SEGA, titled: Super Monkey Ball Bounce! You'll join company with AiAi on a mission to rescue fellow monkey friends! You'll face wild obstacles as you bounce around and slide your way through unique levels! Tough boss battles await as you progress through the game. It's colorful, addictive, fun that awaits you! Check it out and give it a go! © 2014. All images © their owners. Do not copy this site. Blogger Powered.