Big Fish Casino - Free Slots, Vegas Slots And Slot Tournaments! Plus Poker, Cards, 21 And More! App

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Big Fish Casino Free App Game By Big Fish Games

Jump into a world of bright lights, fun sounds and stimulating colors in Big Fish Games addictive casino app Big Fish Casino - Free Slots! Join the large online community of players and test your luck at gambling. Play games such as Slots, Texas Hold'em Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps! Get the chance to win the jackpot and score a huge prize such as 1 million chips! You can even play live games head to head against friends. It's lots of fun, check it out!

Frozen Free Fall App

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Frozen Free Fall Free App Game By Disney

Bring the excitement of Disney's biggest blockbuster to your hands with their addictive app Frozen Free Fall! It's an exciting, elimination puzzle styled game with hundreds of levels, unlockable content and challenging gameplay! Find new characters and gain power-ups to increase your chances of success. It's a similar styled game to the very popular Candy Crush Saga. If you're a fan of Disney and are looking for a new thrill, check this one out!

Criminal Case App

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Criminal Case Free App Game By Pretty Simple

Put your sleuthing skills to the test and join the squad at Grimsborough to help them solve the case! The team at Pretty Simple has crafted up an addictive, investigation app with puzzling mysteries to solve! You'll visit crime scenes, collect clues, analyze evidence and question suspects throughout your missions until you close the case. Give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money and bring your A-game detective skills. It's time to make sure justice is served, check it out!

Free Apps King - Clash Of Clans - Village Level 84

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Free Apps King Clash Of Clans Village Level 84

I've been playing Clash Of Clans for quite some time now, slowly upgrading the village and it's defenses. Occasionally I like to share my progress and break down the specifications of the arsenal I have been creating. As of right now my base is at level 84 with a lot of great additions and upgrades. Clash Of Clans is one my favorite apps and I usually spend a few minutes a day checking in. My strategy solely revolves around defense and building it up. You might ask why I've left my Town Hall outside my walls? Simple, when someone attacks me and just destroys my town hall, I get a shield for many hours, they win a few trophies and my resources are normally left alone. It's a win win for both parties and I currently could careless about upping my trophy count. I also rarely attack other bases because frankly I just don't care to right now. That could change, because I've upgraded many of the troops to maximum levels. Enough rambling, let's check out the specs below!

Wipeout 2 App

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Wipeout 2 Free App Game By Activision Publishing, Inc.

The fun and excitement from the hit TV series has been brought to mobile devices in it's second installment: Wipeout 2 by Activision Publishing Inc. Choose a character and attempt to make it through hilarious obstacles without getting knocked off course! Unlock wacky characters, play over 130 levels and conquer the big balls! Do you have what it takes to conquer the course? Show the world your skills and give this a go! © 2014. All images © their owners. Do not copy this site. Blogger Powered.