Agent Alice App

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Agent Alice Icon Logo

Agent Alice Free App Game By wooga

Enjoy searching for hidden objects in crime scenes? You'll want to check out Wooga's latest app Agent Alice! Join the team and help solve mysteries! Focus in on your inner Sherlock Holmes to help reveal the truth about what really happened at the scene of the investigation. Every week new puzzles and content are added so the mystery never ends! If you're up for a challenging adventure for your brain, similar to The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal than give this a go!

World Zombination App

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World Zombination Logo

World Zombination App By Proletariat Inc.

Take a stand with the last survivors of the human race and fight your way through hordes of zombies in Proletariat's addictive app World Zombination! Or, choose to fight alongside the undead and join forces to plan lethal attacks against the humans! This is a real time strategy, tower defense game that will allow you to train and upgrade your arsenal to fight the opposition. Play against your friends and thousands of players online and battle your way to victory! Which side will you choose?

Defender Of The Wood App

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Defender Of The Wood Logo

Defender Of The Wood App By Daragh Robert Wickham

Want to impress Lord Astirian? Test your skills as an archer and join forces with creator Daragh Robert Wickham on a quest to become a Defender Of The Wood! Face challenging goblin hordes as they overtake the forests nearby! Steady your bow and aim true to help save the people and defend your king! This easy to play, retro styled game is quite addictive with awesome graphics similar to Nimble Quest. If you're looking for a fun game to add to your collection, you'll want to give this a go!

Fruit Land - Juicy Match3 Adventure App

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Fruit Land - Juicy Match3 Adventure Logo

Fruit Land - Juicy Match3 Adventure App By Pacific Enterprises (asia) limited

Get ready for an addictive, elimination puzzle game by the team at Pacific Enterprises! It's titled Fruit Land - Juicy Match3 Adventure and has a similar styled gameplay to the extremely popular Candy Crush Soda Saga! You'll face over 200 unique levels and clear away delicious fruit as you match three or more! Daily bonuses will give you that extra boost to complete tough challenges. Compete against your friends and try to beat your high score! It's a lot of fun and if you're looking for an easy to play puzzler, this one's a must, check it out!

Jaws Revenge App

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Jaws Revenge Icon Logo

Jaws Revenge Free App Game By Fuse Powered Inc

It's time to get revenge on those pesky boat-goers and enjoy a feast of swimmers and surfers! The team at Fuse Powered has crafted up an exciting app based on the thrilling movie: Jaws Revenge! Play through 40 levels in a feeding frenzied app as Jaws where you'll need to bring a big appetite! © 2015. All images © their owners. Do not copy this site. Blogger Powered.