Angry Gran Run App

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Angry Gran Run Free App Game By AceViral

For all you fans of the Angry Gran series, Ace Viral has released Angry Gran Run! Move over young people! It's another exciting and simply addictive run style game that has become ever so popular in the app world! Escape the asylum and run for your life through the city streets in retirement fashion.

Towers N' Trolls App

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Towers N' Trolls Icon Logo

Towers N' Trolls Free App Game By Ember Entertainment

Defend your kingdom from the charging enemies who flock in waves towards your precious home! The creative team at Ember Entertainment has made an exciting app titled Towers N' Trolls. Your goal is to setup, maintain and upgrade defense towers to wipe out the villains! They'll drop coins and precious gems to help you upgrade your arsenal.

The Sims FreePlay App

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The Sims FreePlay Free App Game By

Create a character and simulated life in the digital world of The Sims created by Electronic Arts! You can do or be almost anything! Build, create and customize a house and personalize your character. Make friends and have fun!

Paper App

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Paper Free App Game By FiftyThree

An impressive and beautifully crafted app by the team at FiftyThree gives us all a digital sketchbook to carry around! Not only is this an excellent app for artists, but it's great for everyone who needs a place to take notes, get out ideas or just have fun! Paper is an awesome app for the Apple iPad.

Turbo Dismount App

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Turbo Dismount Free App Game By Secret Exit Ltd

Ever dreamed of being a stunt double? Well now you can with Secret Exit's addictive app Turbo Dismount! You'll perform ridiculous motor stunts that will have you crash and burn! Challenge yourself to play through unique courses. Customize your own environment with high flying jumps. Create traffic pile ups and destroy the vehicle you're in. It's a crazy game where racking up a high score is the goal. If you're looking for a funny game to play, give this a go! © 2014. All images © their owners. Do not copy this site. Blogger Powered.