SpongeBob Moves In App

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SpongeBob Moves In Icon Logo

SpongeBob Moves In Free App Game By Nickelodeon

The team at Nick who crafted SpongeBob Diner Dash and Scribble Hero have created another addicting app: SpongeBob Moves In! Dive right into the gameplay and lifestyles in Bikini Bottom! Help SpongeBob build up a thriving city! Unlock decorations, new characters and more! Play exciting side missions, cook at the Krusty Krab and interact with your favorite characters.

What Restaurant ? App

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What Restaurant ? Icon Logo

What Restaurant ? Free App Game By Yasarcan Kasal

How good are you at guessing logos? Much like the games: 4 Pics 1 Word, Four Letters and What's The Word? - Let's Guess Pics! The creator Yasarcan Kasal has crafted the addictive app: What Restaurant ? Your mission is to guess the names of the logo brands seen in the images. It's a simple game, that's a lot of fun!

Agar.io App

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Agar.io Icon Logo

Agar.io Free App Game By MiniClip

The team at MiniClip has decided to bring a little science to their latest release: Agar.io! It's a puzzling adventure from the creative minds behind: Bike Rivals, Fragger Desert Strike and Rail Rush! You begin your life as a tiny cell and your mission is to grow and grow and grow! You'll face numerous challengers across the world inside the battle ground. Try to become the largest cell anyone has ever seen by eating up any other cell that crosses your path! You can divide and conquer as well as play with unique skins. It's a lot of fun, give it a go!

Block Craft 3D : City Building Simulator App

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Block Craft 3D : City Building Simulator Icon Logo

Block Craft 3D : City Building Simulator App Game By Fun Games For Free

If you enjoy games such as The Blockheads and puzzling apps like Fruit Land - Juicy Match3 Adventure than you're going to love: Block Craft 3D : City Building Simulator by the team at Fun Games For Free! You're the master of your own destiny as you're in charge of creating your very own village! Grow and expand as you collect resources and explore new terrain in this open world simulator. If you have a creative imagination this games perfect for you, you can create anything you want! As long as you keep your town happy, you're good to go. Check this game out if you're looking for another addictive game to add to your collection.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation App

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Icon Logo

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Free App Game By Glu Games Inc

The team behind Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter, Frontline Commando: D-Day and Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2: Glu Games Inc. has crafted up yet another addictive app: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation! Your mission is straight forward: Infiltrate locations, eliminate targets, perform lethal strikes and confront the Syndicate! It's a first person shooter with pleasing graphics and simple useability. You'll have at your fingertips an impressive arsenal of weapons to choose from, all with upgradeables! Build up your own defense and loot resources from the enemies! The missions are tough, fun and addictive. Check this game out and enjoy it!

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